50 Constitutions is a project of the University of Wisconsin Law School’s State Democracy Research Initiative.

50 Constitutions aims to make state constitutions more accessible. The first phase of the project makes the current text of all 50 state constitutions available and searchable. In the coming year, new features, such as more advanced search capabilities, will be added to the 50 Constitutions project.

Tracking Constitutional Change

Tracking Constitutional Change is part of the 50 Constitutions project and documents amendments to state constitutions, allowing researchers and the public to see how these vital state documents have taken shape over time. Wisconsin is the project’s pilot state; others will be added in the coming year.

The State Democracy Research Initiative

The State Democracy Research Initiative’s mission is to foster academic research on state-level democracy, government institutions, and public law across the nation. The Initiative aims to shine a spotlight on the states, which traditionally receive less attention than the federal government in legal scholarship and education, and to serve as a resource for academics, policymakers, and advocates across the country.

In addition to 50 Constitutions and Tracking Constitutional Change, the Initiative has completed other work and projects on state constitutions, including The Democracy Principle website, which highlights the state constitutional commitment to democracy.